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04 Apr 2016

First Look, part 2: James McMullan

An incredible array of new material from James McMullan.


14 Apr 2015

Baader-Meinhof Library Escape

James McMullan’s process is detailed step-by-step, showing exactly how he composed and executed the complicated tableau of the Baader-Meinhof Group’s escape from a Berlin library.


24 Apr

Won’t you be my neighbor

James McMullan is paired with Jane Jacobs for a 1966 issue of the Push Pin Graphic.


20 Feb 2013

Cameo gallery

Seymour Chwast Collection: Series 5, Item E33. Photograph by Carl Fischer.

In 1995, the Cooper Union celebrated the 40th anniversary of Pushpin Studios with an exhibition and special sale of drawings and paintings by the three founders, pictured above: Seymour Chwast, Edward Sorel, and Milton Glaser; along with works by John Alcorn, Sam Antupit, Michael Aron, Vincent Ceci, Paul Davis, George Leavitt, Tim Lewis, Jim McMullan, Reynold Ruffins, Jerold Smokler, Richard Mantel, “and others.” This reminded me of another similar device that captured a group that is also heavily represented by the Archive.


08 Feb 2013

Transparent things

James McMullan illustrated Nabokov’s Transparent Things for Esquire in 1971.


23 Aug 2012

Coming soon: James McMullan at the Visual Arts Gallery

A preview of James McMullan’s upcoming Masters Series show at the Visual Arts Gallery.


25 Jul 2012

Layer upon layer

James McMullan’s layered comic strip illustration.


19 Jan 2012

James McMullan on the grid

James McMullan colors outside the lines of a self-imposed grid.


15 Jun 2011

Go West

James McMullan did stunning work for the short-lived West magazine.


31 Mar 2011

McMullan at NYPL

Go see James McMullan’s Lincoln Center Theater posters at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.


02 Mar 2011

Spot on

James McMullan Collection Box 5 Folder 2: original art for Entertaining Mr. Sloane (1996).

James McMullan is best known for his gorgeous posters for Lincoln Center theatrical productions, but he applies the same care to his spot illustrations for The New Yorker theater reviews.


05 Jan 2011

The White Album

James McMullan Collection Box 4 Folder 7: Ramon Novarro and the Ferguson brothers original art for The White Album, New West, June 4, 1979.

James McMullan’s expressive illustrations add layers to Joan Didion’s novelistic essays.


21 Sep 2010

Go ask Alice

Milton Glaser Collection Box 65, Folder 1: Detail from poster for The Push Pin Graphic No. 52, 1967.

In 1967, Milton Glaser, Seymour Chwast, and James McMullan produced psychedelic “travel” posters for an issue of The Push Pin Graphic.


09 Aug 2010

PictureBox Alert

James McMullan Collection: Box 5 Folder 4. Charles Manson portrait for Rolling Stone.

In addition to our posts to the new Container List outpost at Dan Nadel’s PictureBox, Dan himself (whom you probably know as the publisher, art director, editor, curator, and writer extraordinaire, and we know as our No. 1 fan) will be be blogging about his favorite items from our collections. Today at PictureBox, James McMullan’s angelically menacing portrait of Charles Manson gets some love from Dan.

28 Jul 2010

Presenting… The James McMullan Collection

James McMullan Collection: Box 5 Folder 4. Detail from original art for Stone Cold Steve Austin portrait, Rolling Stone, 1998.

We recently finished organizing and describing the James McMullan Collection, which was donated by the acclaimed illustrator and designer last year.


08 Jul 2010

McMullan for Caprolan

James McMullan Collection, Box 1 Folder 7: Caprolan Nylon advertisement, 1966.

James McMullan designed and illustrated this piece for Caprolan nylon during his first year at Push Pin; it appeared in the September 7, 1966 issue of Women’s Wear Daily.


07 Jun 2010

Borges by McMullan

James McMullan Collection: Original art for Six Problems for Don Isidro Parodi.

James McMullan’s watercolor book jackets capture the spirit of Borges.


18 May 2010

Run Joey Run

James McMullan Collection: Big Tree Records, Run Joey Run, 1975.

Though I suspect the overlap between readers of this blog and viewers of the tv show Glee amounts to one person (me), I feel compelled to post the album cover for David Geddes’ Run Joey Run. The cheeseball classic title track was featured in a recent episode of Glee devoted to “rehabilitating” bad songs.

Daddy please don’t, it wasn’t his fault, he means so much to me.
Daddy please don’t, we’re gonna get married, just you wait and see.

Needless to say, that wedding never took place, not after Julie accidentally took a bullet intended for Joey from Daddy’s gun. Classing up the joint considerably are James McMullan’s expressive illustrations for the album’s cover, which covey a sense of desperation and actual emotional stakes.

13 Apr 2010

My ever changing moods

James McMullan Collection: Roche Laboratories brochure for Taractan, 1965.

Well before the boom of direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising, highly adventurous drug advertising was aimed almost exclusively at physicians.


29 Sep 2009

First Look: James McMullan

James McMullan Collection: Borges book covers for E.P. Dutton, 1960s-1970s.

This summer we received a great donation from illustrator, poster designer and long-time SVA faculty member James McMullan.


04 Aug 2009

Produce as land mass

We recently received a wonderful donation from James McMullan, and while I was looking for a few things to feature in a sneak peek, I came across this illustration he did for Push Pin of Long Island as a potato.