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13 Nov 2015


Stark course announcements by Everett Aison and Ryszard Horowitz.


08 Oct

Brilliant mistake

The 1964 course announcement for Henry Wolf’s and Melvin Sokolsky’s photography course at SVA manages to be both instructive and artful, assembling outtakes of the instructors’ portraits in a way that elevates them.

11 Apr 2012

Edward Gorey at SVA

School of Visual Arts Collection. Course announcement, Fall 1965.

From our cache of early SVA course announcements comes this sweet one in dust jacket form for Advanced Children’s Book Illustration taught by Edward Lear disciple and legend himself, Edward Gorey. Too bad Gorey didn’t get to write (I presume) the copy, too.

14 Dec 2011

Little black bag

School of Visual Arts Collection. “The School of Visual Arts is pleased to announce the appointment of Three Distinguished Women to the Faculty” poster, 1962.

In 1962, SVA appointed Dorothy Koppelman, Alice Neel, and May Stevens to the Fine Arts faculty. Neel’s somewhat opaque description of her course, “Painting People”, still manages to evoke her manner of expressiveness and psychological perception.

Person and chair in room, also space, are structural – only the person inside his structure has other unique qualities which affect the other parts of the painting…sometimes the person gives off the structure around him. Person and background are one in best paintings. Person is psychological reflection of his era.

The subtly provocative design is credited to Frank Kirk, which is not a name I’ve seen on any other SVA publications.

10 Mar 2011

Fashion Illustration at SVA

Fashion illustration was a popular pursuit at SVA in the 1960s.


18 Jan 2011

The Electric Circus

Chermayeff & Geismar design for “the ultimate legal entertainment experience.”


02 Nov 2010

Squigglyman Meets Captain Cross-Hatch

School of Visual Arts Collection: Detail from Blechman and Slackman course announcement, 1960s.

Squigglyman and Captain Cross-Hatch will be back right after they foil Dr. Ugg, who is about to detonate his diabolical Gloomsday Device.