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04 Apr 2016

First Look, part 2: James McMullan

An incredible array of new material from James McMullan.


28 Oct 2015

Identified Flying Objects

Milton Glaser’s surreal landscapes for Hangar Design Group.


14 Jun 2013

Underground Images

SVA’s New York City subway posters exhibited in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


09 Oct 2012

Accidents will happen

The tension between the accidental and the controlled is almost always present in the work of George Tscherny.


12 Jul 2012

First Look: Paul Sahre

We are thrilled to add the work of Paul Sahre to our Design Study Collection.


04 Nov 2011

Make a date

Some contemporary work from the Troxlers and Do-hyung Kim.


17 May 2011

First Look: Gail Anderson

Next on deck in our Design and Illustration Study Collection is the work of designer and art director Gail Anderson.


19 Apr 2011

First Look: Deborah Sussman

Next in our Design and Illustration Study Collection is the work of environmental design pioneer Deborah Sussman.


02 Mar 2011

Spot on

James McMullan Collection Box 5 Folder 2: original art for Entertaining Mr. Sloane (1996).

James McMullan is best known for his gorgeous posters for Lincoln Center theatrical productions, but he applies the same care to his spot illustrations for The New Yorker theater reviews.


09 Feb 2010

Missed connections

Left: Cover of Hot Chip’s One Life Stand (Astralwerks). Right: Poster for The Crucible, by Arthur Miller (Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus). Designed by Heinz Edelmann, 33 × 47 in. n. d.

You were the cute bearded guy on the F train this morning. I was the somewhat pallid but classically beautiful girl. I thought we were a good match but it was as though we were pulled apart by powerful ropes. Want to have coffee sometime?