31 Aug

Milton Glaser’s SVA: A Legacy of Graphic Design

Milton Glaser Collection: Box 68 Folder 14. Visual Arts Gallery Announcement: The Private Press, 1966.

A retrospective of Milton’s Glaser’s design work for SVA opens today at SVA’s Visual Arts Gallery (601 W. 26th Street, NYC). Spanning nearly 50 years, Milton Glaser’s SVA: A Legacy of Graphic Design features all of Glaser’s subway posters, plus many lesser-known works, including his early Visual Arts Gallery exhibition posters, sketches and original art, and course announcements for design classes he taught at SVA with Henry Wolf and Ivan Chermayeff.

SVA Course Announcement: On Teaching: Two Instructors Review One Another (Milton Glaser and Henry Wolf), 1964.

Milton Glaser Collection: Drawer 11 Folder 16. I Love NY More Than Ever, 2001.

Nearly all the items in the show come from the Glaser Archives here at SVA. The exhibition is curated by Steven Heller, Mirko Ilić, Francis DiTommaso (who also designed the installation) and yours truly (the archivist). The show provides a wonderful opportunity to see the scope and incredible variety of Glaser’s work for a single client, as well as how his designs have shaped SVA’s identity.

Read some more about the show on Steven Heller’s blog.

31 August 2009
Milton Glaser