30 Jul

Allan Kaprow’s Words

Allan Kaprow’s Words: about Allan Kaprow, by Rose Moose. New York: Smolin Gallery, 1962.

Last week, another lovely artifact appeared in the archive unexpectedly (this has been known to happen). Produced by Smolin Gallery in 1962, this miniature booklet on Allan Kaprow accompanied the artist’s “Words” exhibition at SUNY Stony Brook (where he taught at the time). It was written by Rose Moose (whose name merits a “[sic]” in John Gray’s Action Art biblio) and contains early definitions of “happening” and “environment,” as well as an abbreviated CV, excerpts from critical and semi-critical coverage of participatory art, and documentary photographs.

30 pp., 3.5 × 4.75 in.

The captions are cheeky.

So is the rest of it, for that matter.

Allan Kaprow’s son cannot read but he can use a stapler.

30 July 2010
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