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Milton Glaser’s geometries

Visual Arts Gallery. Sculpture Architecture, Architecture Sculpture. February–March 1967. (Larger)

Milton Glaser is closely associated with a visual style emphasizing expressive illustrations and resonant cultural symbols, but revisiting different periods in his career one is reminded that he was constantly developing new approaches, and in the Glaser Collection one can find an astonishingly wide range of approaches to design problems.

In the late-1960s, his posters for exhibitions at the Visual Arts Gallery often employed intricate, geometrical graphics to challenge the two-dimensionality of the poster while sober grid layouts punctuated the important vertical axes. The posters posed visual challenges that mirrored those contained in the art and design of the exhibitions themselves. Some of these we’ve posted before — here, here and here — but there are many more, and I find I return to them often, and always with surprise and delight.

Visual Arts Gallery. 1 Print, 1 Painting. January–Febraury 1968.

Visual Arts Gallery. Perspective: An Exhibition of Early and Current Work. November–December 1967.

Visual Arts Gallery. Concrete Poetry. April–May 1968.

16 July 2010
Milton Glaser
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