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20 May 2011

Performance for yourself

Allan Kaprow, innovator of the Happening, the Environment, and the Activity, brought his expanded view of art to post-modernism.


06 May 2011

Talent show

SVA’s subway posters established the school’s graphic presence by using abstract concepts to convey a deeply pragmatic message.


10 Mar 2011

Fashion Illustration at SVA

Fashion illustration was a popular pursuit at SVA in the 1960s.


04 Mar 2011

Auteur, auteur

Andrew Sarris, film critic for the Village Voice and screenwriting lecturer at the School of Visual Arts, delivered a special free lecture in 1968.


18 Feb 2011

Another side of the Visual Arts Gallery

Folk art at the Visual Arts Gallery in the early 1970s.


21 Jan 2011

Shaped Paintings

The third exhibition directed by Jeanne Siegel at the Visual Arts Museum riffed on the Guggenheim’s The Shaped Canvas.


12 Nov 2010

To see a fine lady upon a white horse

School of Visual Arts Collection: SVA Department of Illustration Exhibition, April 7-28, 1961: Phil Hays

A 1961 exhibition of the work of the SVA Department of Illustration is a who’s who of the practitioners of the new expressive and painterly illustration of the time.


02 Nov 2010

Squigglyman Meets Captain Cross-Hatch

School of Visual Arts Collection: Detail from Blechman and Slackman course announcement, 1960s.

Squigglyman and Captain Cross-Hatch will be back right after they foil Dr. Ugg, who is about to detonate his diabolical Gloomsday Device.


31 Aug 2010

Use your head

School of Visual Arts Collection. Detail of poster illustrated by Phil Hays and designed by Ivan Chermayeff, 1960s.

SVA’s early subway posters helped raise the school to a new plane of artistic and intellectual pursuits.


30 Jul 2010

Allan Kaprow’s Words

Another lovely artifact appeared in the Archive unexpectedly last week: Allan Kaprow’s Words, from 1962.


28 Jun 2010

Robert Weaver at SVA

School of Visual Arts Collection: Poster for Robert Weaver: Retrospective 1956-1977.

Pioneering illustrator Robert Weaver was a major figure at SVA beginning in 1950s.


01 Jun 2010

Josef Presser and Bob Gill

School of Visual Arts Collection: SVA Exhibitions: Josef Presser: Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings, late 1950s.

Bob Gill lets Josef Presser’s words speak for themselves in this visually simple but verbally playful announcement for Presser’s exhibition at SVA.


02 May 2010

Performance Spaces

School of Visual Arts Archives, RG 9.4 Student Galleries. Exhibition 726. Exhibition announcement for the SVA Gallery’s “Performance Spaces.”

Many of the artists and critics who were invited to guest curate the SVA Gallery in the 60s and 70s were emerging figures in the avant-garde, including Lucy Lippard, Phyllis Tuchman, and Mel Bochner. In May, 1972 they invited Vito Acconci.

This striking invitation features an image from David Oppenheim’s “Parallel Stress,” in which a figure cups the interior curve of two mounds of earth (in the other, I believe, he hangs in space). The washed-out monochrome palette makes it all blend together, giving the sense of the artist as an organic component of the environment: which aptly reflects this exhibition’s emphasis on the intersection between installation and performance art. Featured in Performance Spaces: a series of printed scores (“songs written for specific birds and athletes”) and the documentation for “Silent Ping Pong” by Bill Beckley, a performance installation by Terry Fox, a confrontational sculpture by Howard Fried, and Dennis Oppenheim’s “Gingerbread Man.”

26 Mar 2010

Department of guest objects

Visual Arts Library Picture Collection: Gartenschönheit, April 1922

A special guest appearance by Gartenschönheit, a magazine that pre-dates our collections.


09 Mar 2010

Sal Jon Bue

School of Visual Arts Collection: Annual Art Scholarships by Sal Jon Bue, 1959.

I recently came across this lovely poster Sal Jon Bue designed for SVA in 1959. My research on the unfamiliar (to me) Bue didn’t turn up much, but I did learn he taught courses on typographic and advertising design at SVA in the late 1950s and early 1960s, at which time he encouraged his student Paul Davis to submit his work to Push Pin Studios. You can see similarities in style to the work of his fellow SVA faculty member, Bob Gill. Bue passed away in 2001.

Bue also designed this piece for the 1964 World’s Fair and his work was featured in Early/Later, an exhibition at the Whitney in Stamford in 1991.