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24 Feb 2012

The world of Windows On The World

The continuing story of the Windows On The World restaurant and its satellites in the World Trade Center, designed by Milton Glaser in 1976 and redone in 1996.


25 Jan 2012

Milton Glaser’s menus for the World Trade Center

One curious feature about the Glaser collection is its organizational style, which was based on the way the materials were donated by the designer. Subseries G of his Printed Materials contains many of the menus he did for businesses at the World Trade Center.


21 Nov 2011

Back in business

Milton Glaser Collection Drawer 14 Folder 26. Detail from 100 Ways To Have Fun With an Alligator and 100 Other Involving Art Projects poster by Milton Glaser

The Glaser/SVA Archives staff of two is pleased to announced that our renovation is complete! We have even more room now for researchers and class visits, so drop us a line if you’d like stop by. Most importantly, our collections are back from storage so we’ll return to featuring great stuff from the designers and illustrators in the Archives on Container List.

14 Sep 2011

Fifteen years of heartache and aggravation

In 1969, the Mead Library of Ideas presented an exhibition of the work of Push Pin Studios, sharing the design and illustration of its many current and former members.


26 Jul 2011

This won’t hurt a bit

The Archives will be closing to visitors this week in order to prepare for our extreme makeover. When our renovated space re-opens in early September we’ll have much more storage and visitor space. Stay tuned for news of discoveries of pirate treasure maps in the walls, dinosaur bones under the floorboards, and paleolithic cave paintings behind the flat files. Email inquiries are still welcome during the renovation period; our collections will be in storage but we’ll do our best to help.

22 Jul 2011

Layer cake

One of the central features of the Push Pin generation of designers — mainly Seymour Chwast and Milton Glaser — was a continued inspiration from, and reliance upon, physically layered compositions (using e.g., cello-tak) and photographic compositing.


20 Jul 2011

Hot potato

Milton Glaser plays with fire for Poppy Records.


08 Jun 2011

Don’t it drag on

Milton Glaser teamed with celebrated photographer Duane Michals in 1972 to create this metaphysical album cover for bluesy folkie Chris Smither.


24 May 2011

Stop the presses

Milton Glaser Collection Box 68 Folder 17. Bird for UNICEF poster, late 1960s – early 1970s.

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16 Mar 2011

The Cook

Milton Glaser created this 1965 book jacket for The Cook, a satirical horror novel about a mysterious chef, Conrad Venn, who seduces and manipulates the wealthy Hill and Vail families with food.


11 Feb 2011

Love letter to NY

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the BBC has just posted a 30-minute radio documentary on the history of Milton Glaser’s iconic I ♥ NY logo. The logo has become so ubiquitous that I think we sometimes forget the fact that it was actually designed by someone. The program traces the genesis of the project back to 1977, when NYC was not the tourist magnet it is today. The New York Chamber of Commerce turned to Glaser to help reverse the state’s economic fortune; Glaser created the logo pro bono. Of course, no one foresaw its enormous cultural impact.

The piece will be available for free for the next six days at the BBC web site.

09 Feb 2011

Dim sum

The Nom Wah Tea Parlor, the venerable Chinatown dim sum purveyor that uses Milton Glaser’s illustrations on its menu, reopened in time for the Chinese New Year.


28 Jan 2011

Record labels

Milton Glaser applies his passion for music to record labels.


07 Jan 2011

Foot fetish

The transfigured shoes of Push Pin Studios.


21 Dec 2010

Medium rare

Milton Glaser Collection: Box 108. Poppy Records. The Mandrake Memorial, Medium. 1968.

Glaser’s fascination with exploded diagrams (this poster for Olivetti, among other things) is applied here to a matter very dear to me: the hamburger. Actually this brings me back to the Sack ‘n’ Save in the suburbs of Dallas, which was the preferred purveyor of hamburger ingredients when I was a child, perhaps because a similar idea was rendered in giant ’70s-oversaturated photographs printed ten feet tall along the hot magenta wall above the butcher section. The illustration above appeared on the second long-player by Philly psych rockers Mandrake Memorial, titled Medium — now a rare find in the bins. Glaser’s influence on the graphic legacy of the hamburger can also be seen on this cover for Time magazine.