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01 Apr 2013

Eat your peas & carrots

Westvaco’s not-so-generic paper promotion.


27 Sep 2012

Metropolitan Printing in Push Pin Graphic

One regular advertiser in the Push Pin Graphic was Metropolitan Printing.


27 Apr 2012

Some more tearing

From the George Tscherny Collection, Series 4.

Promotion by George Tscherny for Strathmore paper, 1958. Torn-paper motifs seemed to have been very much the thing for that year (when Tony Palladino contributed this one). Click through for the full image.

04 Aug 2011

Champion Papers

The Glaser Archives is chock full of gorgeous promotional pieces for paper companies, dating from a time when they provided a steady stream of work and creative freedom to the designers and illustrators who were also their customers.


25 Aug 2010

Color is for anything you want

Tony Palladino Collection, Box 19: Color poem book for Collier Engraving, 1967.

This deceptively casual promotional piece typifies the whimsy and poignancy found in much of Tony Palladino’s work.


11 Dec 2009

Paper for packaging

Ten years before the rise of the supermarket generic brand, Champion Papers produced these colorful generic packaging designs for a series of print advertisements.


28 Aug 2009

Atomic-age publication design

Comment was a promotional periodical produced by consortium of printers in the early sixties. Issue 200 included contributions from Saul Bass, Will Burtin, and Henry Wolf.


14 May 2009

The Composing Room type specimens

Steven Heller Collection: Posters: The Composing Room typography specimens

The Composing Room, founded in 1927 by Sol Cantor and Dr. Robert Leslie in New York City, was not only the city’s preeminent typesetting firm, but also the hub for progressive intellectual and educational activities within graphic arts from the late 1930s through the 1960s. Under the guidance of Leslie, The Composing Room held exhibitions, lecture series, type clinics, and produced one of America’s most influential graphic arts magazines, PM (Production Manager), later called AD (Art Director).

Some more examples of The Composing Room’s elegant type specimens series Typography and Paper after the jump.


10 Feb 2009

How do you Prang?

Chermayeff & Geismar Collection: Box 13, Folder 13 — Crafton Graphic Company, Inc. Prang 1969.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what a Prang is, your worries are over.