14 Jan

AIGA presents the symbol for the 1968 Summer Olympics

Rummaging through some old SVA publications, we came across this invitation for an unveiling of the XIX Olympiad graphics, featuring Lance Wyman’s classic symbol for the games. A basic brochure advertised the event:

Invitation to an exhibition of the graphics for the 1968 Summer Olympics

Its front showed the development of the mark through geometric additions to the basic shape of the rings and around the contours of the word Mexico, through which they evoked both Op art and patterns of the native Huichole Indians. Held at the Art & Design Building at 1059 Third Avenue in Manhattan, AIGA and the Organizing Committee for the Games previewed the new program on 3 July 1968, three months before opening ceremony.

The first Olympiad in South America, it would be remembered for its thin air (which enhanced jumping and sprinting but troubled endurance events), and acts of protest: most notably, the Black Power salute, by Tommie Smith and John Carlos during the awards presentation for the 200 meter race.

14 January 2010
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