19 Nov

Pop pourri

Milton Glaser Collection: Box 109. Cover for Ike and Tina Turner, “Cookin.” ca 1985.

Milton Glaser was hired in the mid-1980s by Deluxe Communications Corporation to design a set of LP sleeves for a sequence of oldies releases they called The Classic Series, distributed by Jem. Each cover was a colorful collage of disparate elements. For the most part they were assemblages of little-known or under-appreciated early work by major artists (though it appears the Waylon Jennings record is an alternate version of At JD’s.)

Willie Nelson, “Lone Star”

Waylon Jennings, “Soul Man”

Hall & Oates, “The Early Years”

The Oak Ridge Boys, “Good News”

Nat King Cole, “Intimate”

19 November 2014
Milton Glaser
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