09 Oct

Accidents will happen

George Tscherny Collection Box 12. Page from “Barbizon: Portrait of a Company”, 1967 (from Idea 94, 1969).

The tension between the accidental and the controlled is almost always present in the work of George Tscherny. While a considerable amount of discipline and forethought is essential to his style, you can sense Tscherny’s deep respect for the patterns and arrangements that occur naturally. We’ve discussed Tscherny’s flag motif here before, but I thought there must be many more examples of the seemingly casual placement of fabric beyond his luminous display of Alexander Girard’s fabric for Herman Miller in 1954. Sure enough, there are tons, including some where the technique spread into more rigid media, like paper or simulated film.

George Tscherny Collection Box 3 Folder 1. SEI Annual Report 1982.

George Tscherny Collection Box 15. School of Visual Arts “Dusty” film award, 1998.

George Tscherny Collection Box 12. Fabric design for Bergamo Fabrics, Inc. (from Graphic Design 8, July 1962).

George Tscherny Collection Box 12. Burlington Annual Report 1963 (from Graphic Designers in the USA vol 3, 1970).

George Tscherny Collection. Burlington Annual Report 1964 (from George Tscherny: Maximum Means, Maximum Meaning, 1997).

Tscherny devoted an entire calendar (below) to the exploration of chance vs. control, through a combination of his photography and watercolors. The watercolors echo designs for Lark cigarettes, which capture the tension in a single project: the spontaneity of ink bleed within a carefully composed puzzle-like arrangement.

George Tscherny Collection Box 14. School of Visual Arts appointment calendar, 2000.

09 October 2012
George Tscherny
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