04 Aug

Champion Papers

Champion Papers Imagination XIII cover, line art from stop-motion photographs (1968)

The Glaser Archives is chock full of gorgeous promotional pieces for paper companies, dating from a time when they provided a steady stream of work and creative freedom to the designers and illustrators who were also their customers. Many of the items are quite elaborate and required special printing processes and die cutting; in some cases you can actually see the money lavished on the project – Fig. 1: Steff Geissbuhler’s design for Crane Paper:

Chermayeff & Geismar Collection Box 15 Folder 5, undated.

Designer and art director James Miho worked on the Container Corporation of America’s Great Ideas of Western Man series but is best known for his history with Champion Papers, where he developed concepts, art directed and designed many promotional materials, ads and industrial films for the company. His signature work for Champion is their annual Imagination series, featuring paper samples for designers. Imagination XIII, produced in 1968, was devoted to sports and highlights the work of the great illustrators and photographers working at that time.

“Tennis” illustration by Milton Glaser

“Playing Fields”

“Arenas: Madison Square Garden” by Paul Hogarth.

“Arena Architecture” by Bob Schalkwijk and James Miho

“Joe Louis” by Art Kane.

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