23 Jun

In the balance

WDR. Die Ausgewogenheit (3): Die Scharfe, Aber Erlaubte Kritik [The Balance: The Pointed, But Allowed, Critique]. n.d.

In the 1970s and 1980s Heinz Edelmann designed many posters for the West German public broadcasting station Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). Though the majority of these were for music festivals and concerts—a subject matter with which Edelmann could be expected to be especially comfortable—some programming went in another direction, and I think he was happy to have the opportunity to sharpen his slant-rhyme satire on a new subject. This series of posters were distributed to promote “politically balanced” radio shows; each one focused on a specific democratic issue: free speech, plurality, etc.—various flavors of institutional critique. (In his pro forma invoice for the donation, Edelmann’s précis reads: “WDR Giveaway. Mild satire: ‘politically balanced programming’ was considered very important at the time.’”)

WDR. Die Ausgewogenheit (4): Der Pluralismus [The Balance: Pluralism]. n.d.

WDR. Die Ausgewogenheit (5): Das Meinungsmonopol [The Balance: Monopoly of Opinion]. n.d.

WDR. Die Ausgewogenheit (1): Die Vollkommene Stille [The Balance: Perfect Calm]. n.d.

WDR. Die Ausgewogenheit (2): Der Sachverstand [The Balance: Expertise]. n.d.

WDR. Die Ausgewogenheit (4): Die Freie Meinungsäusserung [The Balance: Free Speech]. n.d.

WDR. Fünf Darstellungen der Ausgewogenheit sowie eine Illustration der Abgewogenheit. n.d.

23 June 2010
Heinz Edelmann
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