05 Dec 2017

Ivan Chermayeff 1932-2017

A tribute to the brilliant designer Ivan Chermayeff.


17 Nov 2017

Department of the Newly Uncovered: Seth Siegelaub’s Artist’s Contract

We just uncovered a batch of Seth Siegelaub’s original Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement from 1971.


09 May 2017

First Look: Ed Benguiat

We were so pleased to receive work from legendary typographer Ed Benguiat, including original lettering and print samples of his typefaces in action.


17 Jan 2017

Everett Aison’s Bellingham Diptychs

Next up in the Archives’ vitrine in the SVA Library is the work of Everett Aison, a filmmaker, screenwriter, designer, illustrator, author, and educator.


06 Oct 2016

Herb Lubalin at the Composing Room

Images from the Herb Lubalin exhibition at The Composing Room in 1968.


23 Aug 2016

I See a Pattern

Designers working in both the modernist style and the more eclectic and illustrative approach of Push Pin Studios have consistently found ways to employ patterns.


14 Jun 2016

Underground Images in Warsaw

A survey of SVA subway posters in Warsaw.


29 Apr 2016

First Look: Cris Gianakos

Work from artist and designer Cris Gianakos.


04 Apr 2016

First Look, part 2: James McMullan

An incredible array of new material from James McMullan.


22 Mar 2016

Milton Glaser for MGM, 1970

Some background (and forgotten drafts?) of Milton Glaser’s poster for Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point.